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Ken Tse Co., Ltd. 艮擇股份有限公司


Today is 22,Oct,2018
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About Us
Founded in 1996, Ken Tse Co., Ltd. is now a veteran specialist in the development and manufacturing of high-quality carburetors, key parts, and repair kits for automobiles, agricultural machinery, snowmobiles, outboard engines, lawn mowers, generators, and wood sawing machines.
The company boasts a strong development capability, which helps it to constantly expand its product range. Some products are developed to meet the specific needs of customers.
In addition to assembled carburetors, the firm also supplies needle and reed valves, needle and main jets, diaphragm assemblies and springs, carburetor floats, throttle valve diaphragms, fuel pumps, and many other parts.
A high level of quality, a comprehensive range of products, and reasonable prices make up just a part of Ken Tse's international competitiveness. Its core strength, in fact, lies in its unmatched know-how and expertise in carburetors and key parts, which require high-precision production techniques and abundant experience. The company is confident of its ability to supply products with a level of precision, functionality, and durability that parallels or even surpasses that of original equipment (OE) models.
Ken Tse's quality products are popular among customers worldwide, especially in Southeast Asia and Latin America. Thanks to strong demand, the firm has been enjoying rapid growth; in fact, demand is so great that it is being forced to build a second factory in the southern Taiwan city of Tainan. When the new plant starts mass producing in 2014, it will double the company’s production capacity and extend its product range even farther.
Company Profile
Company Name:Ken Tse Co., Ltd. 艮擇股份有限公司
Business Type: Exporter
Place of origin:Taiwan/Tainan City
Capital:1000000 USD
Registered Year:1996
Main Product:Carburetor
Business Scope:
Motorcycles & Parts / Engines & Components / Carburetor & Parts